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    Bienvenidos a MusicasCristianas.Pw Escuche y comparte musicas con los amigos, Musica Gratis 2022! MusicasCristianas.Pw!.
    Musicas Cristianas 2022 OnLine Gratis

    LA MÚSICA CRISTIANA es la música creada y ejecutada como expresión del cristianismo. Esa expresión abarca una gran diversidad de estilos musicales que contienen letras con mensajes bíblicos o que involucran diferentes tipos de oración (de adoración, de acción de gracias, de petición), y cuya motivación principal es la fe cristiana.

    La música cristiana es de origen judío:​ la liturgia musical de la sinagoga, en particular el canto psalmódico de los judíos como unidad poética musical, fue un legado preciado transmitido del Israel antiguo al cristianismo primitivo, como forma de manifestar tanto a nivel personal como comunitario las creencias religiosas y la fe en Dios.

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    Tower Oftrength - Admonish Lyrics

    Encircled, ensnared
    My enemies have laid siege to me
    Oppressed, inflicted
    Poisonous arrows aimed at me

    Victimized, terrorized
    Those who hate me gather for attack
    Grieved, deceived
    Wrapped in drapes so black

    There is but one
    To whom I can run
    I know only of one place
    Where I'll truly be safe

    I'm being chased like
    An animal through darkened woods
    Vicious beasts
    Hounding at my tail

    Ominous shadows
    Crouching down over me
    Their hands of ice
    Stretching out to grasp my heart

    Who can save me
    Who'll release me
    Where can I flee
    Where, but to thee

    But I'll escape from my foes
    From the stalking wolves
    From these haunting ravens
    I've found a safe haven

    The LORD I will proclaim
    I hide within his name
    My fortress in times of war
    I find protection within your walls

    My keep, my stronghold
    Well tried since days of old
    My shield, my eternal defence
    My refuge, my tower of strength

    Who can save me
    Who'll release me
    Where can I flee
    Where, but to thee

    In here evil cannot reach
    These gates they cannot breach
    Fog of deception cannot infiltrate
    Unholy weapons cannot penetrate

    You are my sanctuary
    Your love, unconditionally

    Who will save you?

    Tower Oftrength » Admonish Letras !!!


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