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    Bienvenidos a MusicasCristianas.Pw Escuche y comparte musicas con los amigos, Musica Gratis 2022! MusicasCristianas.Pw!.
    Musicas Cristianas 2022 OnLine Gratis

    LA MÚSICA CRISTIANA es la música creada y ejecutada como expresión del cristianismo. Esa expresión abarca una gran diversidad de estilos musicales que contienen letras con mensajes bíblicos o que involucran diferentes tipos de oración (de adoración, de acción de gracias, de petición), y cuya motivación principal es la fe cristiana.

    La música cristiana es de origen judío:​ la liturgia musical de la sinagoga, en particular el canto psalmódico de los judíos como unidad poética musical, fue un legado preciado transmitido del Israel antiguo al cristianismo primitivo, como forma de manifestar tanto a nivel personal como comunitario las creencias religiosas y la fe en Dios.

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    Total Global Annihilationlow - Acoustic Torment Lyrics

    Some day world war three will rage
    And produce total global annihilation.
    It will be the end of the age
    And for great many lives the termination.
    Fire comes down from above,
    The elements melt in the heat,
    The heavens disappear with a roar.
    Atomic holocaust - final war.
    The flesh of the wicked rot
    While they are standing on their feet
    Their eyes rot in their sockets;
    Stench of burnies meat.
    Glaring lightning flashs tear
    The darkness of the nuclear night.
    Mighty explosions erase the life work of mankind.
    Gigantic shock waves level towns with the ground.
    Mortal fallout covers everything
    And brings the final death.
    The sun is darkened,
    The moon loses its light.
    The stars fall from sky
    And it is pitch dark night.
    Complete destruction - brutal mutilation.
    Complete destruction - total annihilation.
    That day will be darkness
    And come like a thief.
    Everywhere there will be destress.
    So stay strong and believe!
    Stay strong and believe!
    Believe in jesus and have no fear,
    Because your redemption draws near.
    "behold, i am coming soon!
    My reward is with me
    And i will give to everyone
    According to what he has done!"
    Turn to jesus - trust in the holy son! [4 times]
    Believe in jesus and have no fear,
    Because your redemption draws near.
    Be alert! satan will deceive many people.
    Be prepared! for in the hour unknown
    Jesus christ will return!
    To throw into the lake of fire
    All what is evil.
    To redeem the rightous and to kill the devil.
    Turn to jesus - trust in the holy son! [4 times]
    Believe in the word of christ
    And you will survive.
    Stand firm until the end
    And live the eternal life!
    [amos 5:18]
    [zechariah 14:12]
    [matthew 24:11,13,29]
    [luke 12:40; 21:28]
    [2. peter 3:10]
    [revelation 20:10; 22:12]

    Total Global Annihilationlow » Acoustic Torment Letras !!!


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